Bed No. 4

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It was around 730 of Monday morning when I reached home after learning from my youngest brother that Mama was admitted at the hospital late afternoon of Sunday.

When I learned about it I was currently staying at my former apartment and it was convenient to get a bus from there, plus with the luck that it was Sunday so traffic’s a bit forgivable on the metro’s thoroughfares.

I did catch a bus home and I was set to really go home and be with my mother. I knew that her condition was far from being worse but the guilt in me sunk, momentarily the minute I opened my inbox and read that text message, there’s something inside me who felt that sense of urgency, that sudden rush of having to decide what is best to do.

And that is to go home.

• • •

She was discharged Wednesday afternoon after having her ultrasound taken, the results were normal and soon after her doctor raised the green flag for her to go home. She was looking forward for that day too on leaving the warm and uncomfortable bed she was laying down on at the ward.



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