Revisiting That Beach

I have mentioned about this beach often times but I didn’t make a buzz on those posts I described much less named drop it. It has really become a part of what I would like to call an escape, usual as it may sound, it made a groove in me especially the experiences that happened when the sun’s up even the moon too and as I await the sunrise the following day with hangover but mostly I’m sober, honestly.


Quote from Everyday Extraordinaries of

Talking about it indeed gets the best of me in a more positive tone I may say. It makes me want to write more about it yet honestly my insides no longer scream for its glory and would not want to frequent here when dry season strikes again. Something changed in me toward it. A change I can’t elaborately express now.

Two years ago I was able to go back to this beach but just walked past it. I never touched its sand, shore and water. I was standing at the dock looking at its gray shore. It was raining then. Together with my company we were off to the pristine islands of Caramoan. Same as last year, I just walked past it. I looked at it at the dry dock while the cargo vessel gets filled up with gas. I was with a company again headed to the same hidden islands.

That twice revisit I wasn’t able to take a photo of its beauty. To repeat, I just walked past it. Never gazing at it for too long. I have diverted all my energy to my company then.

Last May I went to discover and experience a new beach together with a bunch of friends. During the planning stage of that trip I have raised the idea of coming back to this beach and reliving perhaps some of the moments we’ve had, funny and oh dramatic ones and the striking poses captured in a flash and in our memories.

When I come here with my friends, I say it was an escape because we escape our usual hang outs that is on each other’s houses. Definitely a summer escapade too for our beach bummed circle either to rejoice for its coming or cap its ending. That is how this beach served us. Truly a come and go to beach.

On coming back and reliving to this beach, now, together with family set me into great expectations. I looked on what has changed over the years that I have outgrown to never seek its refuge. I tried searching the corners of my mind to refresh me of the fun moments I have had so I could ground myself once more how this beach first accepted me when I stepped into its sand, shore and toughen my spirit in welcoming its beating waves, enough to get you off your balance and be washed ashore.

But it is not the rough and big waves kind that you could make use of a surfboard. I don’t know really about those kind of waves but I think it won’t stand compared to other surfing spots I watched on local travel shows. Besides no one is trying surfing out here since I’ve gained the confidence to travel here with my friends every summer time. I even told my brother maybe this beach could be good for skim boarding like that of in Boracay, saw it from a teen who was trying it out on the island’s very calm waves.

This is my Nato beach. My once getaway beach. However, I will never let it go. I will latch onto its unique grandeur.


I will keep it with me, even when I reached other more beautiful beaches, for all those times I have opened my thoughts, vulnerable, while in seclusion by its sandy shore, the sound of atmospheric calm of its waves on a warm night with the company of friends and a bottle of brandy or more till we sleep. The morning after we would find ourselves cold caused by the dampness from the morning dew trapped in the flimsy vinyl of our tent.

I learned through this beach, through my experiences and memories, on grounding myself more, on gaining confidence and being tough about life’s everyday rides. I am grateful too that it was where I have shared memorable laughs and dinners with family to treasure and friends that are truly for keeps, for a lifetime.




What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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