Waiting For The Storm

The air feels cold and damp. Our place is under a typhoon warning number 3. This warning raises the flag of strong winds and torrential rain but as of the moment none of these two is evident now. Lucky.

I could see and hear few vehicles passing the highway, battling the rains and few gusts of wind. There are also groups of teens walking the sidewalks and enjoying the rain. Sometimes I like it when we are under the typhoon weather because it is more quiet on the road. Less bus, jeepneys, tricycles and pedicabs are passing meaning less traffic noise reverberating in the house.

As I write it is raining but not pouring down heavily. You may call it a rain shower. From time to time it increases its drops. I can tell from the sound of it as it drops on our tin roof. Our weather bureau expects Typhoon Rammasun to make landfall between 6 to 8 PM tonight.

Ever since I stayed here for the past couple of months, this will be my experience again with how typhoon affects our region. According to the news, the government has laid all the necessary advance assessment and risk management so as to avoid like what happened to Typhoon Haiyan last November 2013.

Yesterday, I was languidly watching the prime time news and I observed that the local governments were ahead with the planning of all that risks and possible natural catastrophes brought or caused by a typhoon. Specifically, I observed that the continuous weather updates and warnings were evident. The warnings were even one notch higher from its forecasts and expectations to give way in alerting as early as possible all the areas needed for evacuation that are prone to landslides, flooding and storm surges.

I commend how our leader saw through the unpreparedness and lack of coordination in the flow of command and action after Typhoon Haiyan struck the Visayas region. That’s why more and more actions are being taken to be prepared in most possible ways they can imagine to address any concerns that may affect people and places where the typhoon will hit. So far that’s what I have heard and known from the news.

Now, I am thanking God for the least amount of rain and wind we are experiencing here in my region. I continue to pray in mind that it would not intensify as it nears our place. I hope too that this typhoon will just fade out so as not to cause further damage to areas it will pass through.

I am glad that even we are under the highest typhoon warning I am still enjoying the luxury of electricity supply thus this post is born because on a normal situation with evident torrential rains and strong winds it will be cut off earlier than expected. I am really happy that the posts and wires are still alright and not bowing in the mercy of this weather disturbance.

This kind of moment in time too where I am tempted to seek the covers of my bed and enjoy the warm blankets shielding my body from the cold, damp air but not this time. My light bulb have shone a while ago and I am inspired to write instead of embracing the feeling of being under the weather for the sake of this typhoon only.

Mom cooked a lot for lunch and it will be our meal until dinner time because this weather really get us down to couching potatoes or napping cats while watching TV or listening to cozy afternoon playlist in Spotify. It has been my new addiction these past couple of days, that Spotify playlists, they’re just oh-some.

Anyway, my family and I are doing fine under this stormy weather. We are waiting for the storm, hope that it would not come by, but we have prepared as normally as we can.

Stay safe and prepared everyone!




What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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