Another Brighter Day

My previous post talked about the weather and I know that when it comes to topic about this it is lousy, boring and one may get annoyed, not react and just gape at it. But this time around when there’s what we call climate change people have all the tendencies to panic or on the other hand be complacent knowing that this kind of natural phenomenon would be like the usual they have experienced throughout their lives.

Apologies, I don’t intend to bore you with my weather stuff.

I just want to write to document and let you know that our family: me, Mama and my two younger brothers are all okay.

On Friday, August 15 will be a month after the devastation of typhoon Rammasun(Glenda) here in my hometown. Just the morning after it hit, I woke up early and looked outside to see how our place looks like.

Just a few feet away from our house was an abandoned dwelling where this mango tree once stood but it bowed down from the mercy of the wind. The smell of fresh leaves linger in the air. The sky were gray still and the sun was no where in sight.

It was just around 530 in the morning when we all woke up. I stayed for a few minutes more in my bed until I heard Mama asking my brothers to clean our veranda of leaves and other debris that were swooped inside by the strong winds. Also, she was asking us what do we have for breakfast.

The day before this it was very much different. I was still enjoying pretty much throughout the day of electricity, internet and television. It was called in the news that we will be hit by 8 PM that night but it came earlier. The wind started to pick up between 4 and 5 o’clock. The power supply was cut off too at that point in time.

I was able to publish my post while waiting for the storm and I felt good about it. In my mind I was able to take advantage of the power to share awareness and somehow give a short advice to people. I don’t have a smartphone or tablet to give the live update so after that I am reduced to my mobile and I wasn’t contented browsing through it to keep myself busy. What I did is to stay in our veranda and watch the trees danced together with the wind.

I was thankful too that there wasn’t any torrential rain packed with the typhoon. So no flooding, landslides.

For nearly three hours the typhoon ravaged through our place. Maybe it was at around 7 PM that we felt the wind at its strongest. Mama was just quiet, cozy and warm inside the living room. Our windows were all shut so she could barely hear the sound of the gust. And we discouraged her from getting on the veranda so as not to cause any panic on her of all those debris flying around and that strong wind creating the howls and I don’t know what kind of eerie sounds.

I wanted to see it. I wanted to see how the wind moves everything on its way. Together with my brothers we just stayed at that veranda looking in the dark. Some vehicles still ply the road so with their headlights it illuminated the road making silhouettes of the trees in front of the hotel. I began smelling fresh earthy kind of smell. It came from the leaves torn and shredded because of the continuous whipping of the twigs in the air.

We were able to eat our dinner as soon as the wind calmed down. And I knew that the eye of the storm was passing. It was I think at 8 PM when this happened and soon as we pick our plates that rush of air started again and it was—I felt—stronger than the first few hours. That is what we call the tail. That last packing of wind and gust as the storm moves on land.

Although I still have that fear in me that anything could happen I fervently prayed that may we be safe and spared from the destruction. True enough, we were okay and our community was able to regain normalcy two days after the hit. A week after power supply was back on business at few barangays and on the 3rd week the whole town was lighted up completely.

I saw a lot of trees uprooted,  branches broken apart from the trunks, barks skinned down and a lot of firewood for sure will saturate the market for now but in the coming days it will deplete. Those who use and sell them will just have to plant again, or wait for the remainder that are still standing to bud fresh shoots and grow into branches and twigs and leaves again. Luckily bear fruit too.

After waiting for the storm and enduring and surviving its wrath I always look for another brighter day. Sticking to a cliche that tomorrow is another day, you could wish that it would be brighter if not that sunny after all. That morning after the sun shined for couple of minutes and cloaked itself back in the gray clouds and all day long it hid there.




What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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