The Pleasure of Reading To Impress Yourself


But there are pleasures to be had from books beyond being lightly entertained. There is the pleasure of being challenged; the pleasure of feeling one’s range and capacities expanding; the pleasure of entering into an unfamiliar world, and being led into empathy with a consciousness very different from one’s own; the pleasure of knowing what others have already thought it worth knowing, and entering a larger conversation.

-Rebecca Mead, The Pleasure of Reading To Impress Yourself


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  1. When I want to get lost…I get lost in a good easy to read book..when I want to get fired up, I get a business and a thinking book…when I need inspiration…I dive into another…I simply enjoy the times..I take time to get lost reading…whenever am low in spirits..I read an elevating book and before u know it…am good!

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