Of Birthdays, Laughter and Some Serious Matters

Today I am writing about a dear friend.

A dear friend I have known for a long time now and our friendship transcends not only during birthday celebrations and all other occasions we’ve shared and counting but certainly on all other life experiences that we’ve endured until today.

bebotFrom laughter to some serious matters it is likely more of our topic during conversations while having dinner, or just sitting by the porch or on sidewalks, or going for walks on the streets. Remembering that time too when we were in high school on enjoying an after class joyride in pedicab and all you could hear was the burst of laughter and just that happy moments of teen spirit.

She is one of my closest girl friends that I am most comfortable with talking about almost anything, toying, finding some silliness over it and end up laughing about it. So that serious matters doesn’t steep too long, it always fizzle out to a frenzy of punchline deliveries and memorable conversation quotes. But we were never close during high school, we only share mutual friends and as quick as days passed we eventually gain each others company.

Not long enough I was fond of being at their house and spending the weekends leisurely killing the time together with the rest of our circle.

She may look like the kind of not to be taken seriously—I discount that impression of her if you are to base from what I’ve said about her in the paragraphs above.

I tell you, all in all, she is truly dear, sensible and worth keeping to be a friend forever.


· • Β • ·


To you, Bebsbday

Happy, happy Birthday!

I gained a friend and a sister from you and it underscores how truly the best things in life are for free in this world. Free but valuable to be worth keeping for a lifetime.

Friendship, Love, Family, Dinners, Laughter, Overnight Conversations, Happiness. And more.

Thank you.

Now I also gained a godson through Zeb and I am more than willing to support when needed. We’re family.

God Bless. [Heart, Heart, Heart! Tududoo!]




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