Things Change, Things Stay the Same

Real friends, in fact, contribute or affect how we make some of our life’s choices, decisions and sometimes on what kind of place best to have dinner then ending at fast food outlets after so much deliberations. I’ve experienced it and it was really hilarious and ridiculous of us when that happened.

We share and endure a lot when we live away from family and we only have our friends to help us get through.

It is always easy and convenient having our friends around, to back us up and shake the insanity in us when the crazy things bug afflict us. Far away or nearby, we run away into them when things are good or bad. Raining or not, we call them to meet us after work for coffee or a bottle or two to cap the night off. On breaks and lunches, we keep ourselves busy with our mobile exchanging texts or messages with them for updates on anything or anyone. Birthdays or nothing special occasions, we plan menus on stay-at-home dinners from main course to desserts.

At this point in time as a friend I am looking back. I am looking back on how good of a friend I have become but not limited to those I have mentioned above. This way I am seeing of me isn’t self-serving or just to fish for compliments from them rather I want to reflect on the thoughts and pieces of advise I have shared to them. Did it affect them to think of things before they decide on it? Did it make them consider their actions before doing it? Did they reflect on what counts as the most right thing to do or were they even conscientious at all?

I want to give them that benefit of the doubt. I know they have all the reasons—the right ones—I suppose.

Not that I want them to be perfect because there’s no thing as such. What I wanted was they could have used more of those thinking cells given that they have had known and witnessed similar real life situations where they can base on and hopefully see what they would’ve done better about it. I am not saying that you are bad. I don’t judge you. I want you to know that you made a failed choice and learn from it.

You may question on how dare of me to say that you made a bad move with the picture you are in—just because I’ve seen what’s wrong. Indeed it is true that what we only see around us is limiting and viewing it from above or meters away from that situation reveals a very different kind of perspective. It reveals more details. Details that we don’t see, that we choose not to see.

When did I take the soapbox and preach you all? I am not here to preach you. I am here to let you know that some things need to be taken into context. I am involve now because I am your friend. I don’t expect you to change and make a do over. I expect you to listen and take in for yourself what matters. At least I did want to see more of a happy you, a contented and thriving you.
Real friends serve as mirrors to each other so that one may see and realize that not all the times what one sees one only accepts and what one makes are of the right choices always. We still need someone we trust to ground us, it is much easier for us even when things change or when things stay the same.



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