child guide

That Saturday morning was bright and sunny. A typical good weather to go out and move one’s feet. Probably the best time for me to really get on my feet and do some mountain exploration as in walking along trails, climbing short steep traverse, rappelling a wall of dirt and finally shouting at the top of my lungs that I’ve reached the peak safe and sound.

This kid tour guide— I read this article telling the same experience we have had with child tour guides here in our country—was our company during that experience. It was my first time to climb and if not for my cousin’s decision to ask this kid to come with us as our guide maybe we could not have finished all the way and would have backed down half of the trails.

I admire his spirit, instead of playing with his friends and enjoying the summer time break from school he was here accompanying us and just being the best guide that he can be. He offered giving us a hand with our backpacks, though, most of the time it was my cousin’s he was carrying because she was supposed to leave it with a friend but it didn’t happen and it was a packing 14 pounds I think—definitely not advised to bring that much for a day hike—with all those stuff for she intended to sleepover with the rest of her friends after our trek.

While we were wearing comfortable walking shoes, he was on his rubber slippers, its rear were lacking of grooves, smoothed by his daily walks up and down this mountain yet still he managed to easily jump from one boulder to another and traverse on the steep filled with loose dirt, pebbles and stones without slipping or stumbling. He was made for this job already maybe an effect from the countless days he ushered tourists at a young age in trekking the mountain. He indeed got his trekking grip mastered.

He said that whatever he got from the tourists or mountaineers as payment or tips for being their guide he gives to his mother. It will be saved until school break’s over to finance his enrollment expenses and school supplies.


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