A Mother Like You

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October 26, 2014

Dearest Mama,

Another year has passed and again we are here, spending a day of thanksgiving and celebration of your life. This day marks the true appreciation of a good life that you have had in all those years. IMG_9653A day to reminisce also on how it feels to blow a lighted candle on top of a cake surrounded by your family. The absence of popping sounds from the wine bottles you dearly want doesn’t make this less of a dinner. You said that maybe this coming Christmas we’ll enjoy a bottle or two. I suggest a red and a sweet one. Or another red maybe.

Now that you are enjoying the fruits of your labor as a retiree it is time to at least collect the vast amounts of cheer and simplicity from having a stay at home dinner spent with the closest persons you want. This is the most possible way you could treat the entire clan through this dinner and I am happiest to cook for these invited guests of yours. It’s another way of me giving back to you too.

This birthday dinner of yours is very much exclusive. I know you don’t like big, loud and circus like celebrations. You prefer small yet endearing gathering and I have felt that all throughout this day.

You are entertained and amused with the antics of one granddaughter from a niece. We too have been attracted to her funny weird facial distortions if you may call it. That pure joy of laughs and smiles we all shared brought this birthday dinner to a light and amazing close.

You may have aged by the number but the value of life it represents is more than its worth on how you’ve become the best person that you are, in your case, the best mother to all of us. With a mother like you everything is worthwhile. With a mother like you everything is possible [in life because you inspire us].

Thank you.

I love you.

Your household-kitchen-manager-for-the-party son,


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