There Should Be Something Next


My presence haven’t been felt that obvious in the past couple of weeks. I was but limited to two posts. I missed several photo challenges. I did not intend to, I just can’t. I’ve been away from home the second and third week of last month* and home was my only resource to the online world, in this part of the blogosphere. So, when I go flying out the door I am disconnected and I become anxious blogging in internet cafe mushroomed in our apartment’s vicinity.

*The real score was last second and third week of October, I went away to Manila. I stayed in my old apartment with my old dear friends. I brought luggage with me for my two-week stay, impractical yet practical, because I have these shopping list for Mama that I needed to buy as per her request and it will be convenient to just stuff those items in there. I bought for her yards and yards of cloth and ready-made curtains to add-on our house’s new interior vibe. She learned from reading interior design magazines that through changing the couch’s seat cover plus some curtains make a difference on the whole new look and ambiance of a house.

I don’t enjoy the luxury of a smartphone yet to be able to comfortably type away my thoughts whenever or whatever I can. Maybe if I can tolerate myself on using such gadget then it will be the time to get one but for now I am contented having just my laptop doing the bridge to this online world, mostly. I am keeping that for a while and I enjoy writing my posts with a QWERTY keypad big enough for my fingertips to tap on without the need to activate auto correction.

Come these few days of November I felt the need to update and engage myself, asap, in this blogosphere. I am quite stuck but I have this realization that I want to share, a realization that there should be, really, something next. Something that should happen in my life right now: continue living in the now, always look for inspiration, positively embark on changes, never stop learning and to strengthen my self as I enlarge or extend for the world.

Part of reliving this “something next” I will try to write more thoughts about my celebrations of happiness and gratitude and life in general—something that will feed one’s soul, heart and mind.


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