There are moments when I would just let time pass by through looking into nothing in particular. Just people watching. Observing bits and bits of nature taking its course like how the wind sways a tree’s branch making its leaves rustle in the air space. Most of the time it is what I see but what I really want to observe are those animals that are thriving and just doing what they know, eat and not be eaten.

That wish of being a bird even for a day fills my empty mind. Flight. Freedom.

On this part of town, I am limited to seeing animals in the form of carabaos, some cows and more of birds just passing through in my neighbors’ garden filled with chinese bamboos, palm trees, mango trees, and some bushes and shrubs. Birds perch on branches, stems while grooming, or sometimes playing with their flock.

Ah, adding onto where they can still perch are those electric wires, phone lines, cable TV wires all dangling suspended between posts like a spaghetti.

What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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