The Happy Bunch


Mama’s post birthday celebration. November, 2012.

There should be something next. And it starts with this one.

My family.

I have learned to accept that we are not anymore the traditional family that everyone knows of wherein an intact one with the presence of both parents and the bunch of kids they have. It was hard at first when we stepped into that situation but I think we all have moved on from that. Damn, it was 7 years and counting. We imbibed that reality now. Human as we are, reconciliation is far from happening. He was the one who walked out on us. I will remember that day always, not that I wish to change it but realize that it is a decision you make for yourself. I want to understand selflessness and unconditional love. That is.

After, I looked into the other side of that fleeting moment. I prayed and hoped all things will find its place, cope and be able to regain from that. And that’s what we all did.

We stayed with each other.

“I celebrate our love for each other, our respect and gratitude for our mother.”

Of course, in the set up my mother had all the baggage to bear too much with. She’s in the relationship. She’s having the normal kind of marriage and suddenly a big whiplash of falling out. My brothers and I never knew how she coped with that. One thing that she always tells us, “I can make it out from this. I am strong because I have you. Now that you’re all grown up I have nothing to fear about you making the best of our lives.”

I celebrate what’s left with us and what we’ve become after that personal situation. I celebrate our love for each other, our respect and gratitude for our mother. I celebrate our strength as brothers, the bond that was formed, opening a better communication line for us to express what we want to say to each other.

I celebrate our regained happiness and the security that we only have ourselves when odd things happen and to know that that is normal so we should face it and take the courage to stand again.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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