bday 2013

A simple dinner turned birthday celebration of me. January, 2013.

I share this photo of me together with my friends. This was taken last year by my friend Joyce’s beau. It was my birthday alright but I was broke at that time and I don’t have enough bucks to treat them all fairly for a nice dinner. What we all agreed upon was just a simple dinner and get together, of course we got to share some bottles of brandy and beers.

I felt so happy and just bursting with life after we called it a night. It turned out great with the laughs, stories and funny antics shared around that table, rather, coffee table. Oh, the food too. I cooked fried chicken and siomai. We all can’t forget this one dish made by my twin sis, Chiqui, that buttered potato marble. To complete the dinner in making it a birthday celebration was the presence of a cake. I forgot what kind it was. I think it was more on a mango kind of flavor and I thanked Ronie for that.

This was an achievement captured in still because not all time when we plan of things will surely go our way. It just happened that it was my birthday so maybe the gods have converged in behalf of us to let us stick together and pull this celebration off.



What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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