tiny house

My nature loving senses again found its way to reconnect into the nooks, shades and freshness of this tiny house. I think it is only 9 square meters in size. I am not really sure since I haven’t had the chance to asked my uncle(mum’s brother)together with the hired carpenter in building this so-called “bahay kubo“.

I called it the tiny house based on topics I’ve read about the proliferation of tiny houses in the US, and could likely be seen to put a solution to homelessness. Well, on this part of the world I live in, in my country, this tiny house is an icon that provides shelter and security to anyone. An icon showing the simplicity of life and the connection of dwellers to nature.

This is my serenity. Again, I would say that through this tiny house I learned to appreciate more the beauty of a home that isn’t full of superficiality, of too much materialism though I know that it helped us become the humans that we are now. Still when everything comes to complexities and stress, honestly, having a tiny house like this built-in the heart of a secluded land or foot of the mountain surrounded with all those trees, fruit bearing ones and vegetables is something you can’t trade-off for the sake of peace and that moment of solitude to think of things.

This is grounding. I want to re-calibrate myself in cooking through an open fire, also in starting or making the fire itself. I’ve tried it when we once lived on a house with a working kitchen built like this where the absence of the convenient gas-powered burner is limited to some firewood and a tripod kind of metal bars on which any pans can sit while you’re cooking. I am used to this. So this calls for an extended holiday vacation(read: post holiday blues) for me.

I joked my brother if we could put this up on a list at Airbnb. He said nothing. Sorry, guys!


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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