Express Yourself


This is a big cup of coffee. Uhm, no, no. It is a mug of coffee. Really I am not that coffee drinker you know gulping cups and cups throughout the day, or sometimes even taking that coffee break seriously into queuing to that oh-so-celebrated cafe and end up messing your name after receiving that cup in your hand.

I am just an average coffee drinker who likes it best done in the morning. I do stretch my craving when late afternoon comes but all throughout my caffeine fix is due during the early time of day. This habit had begun when I started working in the big metro away from home and I just needed that morning rush fix to make my gears oiled up and running.

The irony, inasmuch I am not a morning person but I do want to enjoy my coffee that time of day. Most especially when the sun is just coming up and the rays slowly warm your face, with bed wrinkles on your forehead, on your cheeks and that bed hairdo too you got, ah, that is what I am.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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