One Proud Moment, One Happy Brother

The date is March 14, a Saturday. It is around 5 in the afternoon that our youngest brother will march and attend his college graduation. Mama will be on his side to witness this once in a lifetime event. Truly a proud moment also for her I bet. She made it together—now our little brother is finally graduating—with us her four boys all went to school and finished college.

My third brother and I are standing next to them as they wait for the ceremony to start.

Brothers as we are, we tease and throw funny lines with each other to entertain ourselves before the processional march begins. Fellow graduates of him all donned in black toga and their families too begin to gather under the widespread branches of old and young trees growing along the university’s road.


I can hear the University Band playing chords readying for the processional march. The air is filled with reverberated sounds of treble, bugle and bass. This university was once my school. It has been the witness of my college life’s better days. It is a sight to reminisce with its vast open green field perfectly situated in the middle of the campus. Your 360 degrees of unobstructed view of all the buildings felt like a retaining wall protecting you from the outside. Much of the feeling of being like in an open coliseum too.

With all the fuss going on as the crowd of graduates, parents, friends and professors assemble I take the liberty to be the “official photographer” on this special day of my little brother’s college life. My third brother showed no interest in showing off his photography skills and undermined my whole casual relaxed feel for the ceremony. He said that he will just tag along with me so I let him bring the camera bag.

Mama is radiantly beautiful that day. She is sometimes easily intimated to being photographed, she is not used to—it is just recent when she began to ease herself in since our elder brother begin buying cameras for us—having her picture taken in close-up range and alone. I coach her just so as I took this picture of her for memory. Her happy and proud feeling transpired within me as I tell her to pose and smile more.



Soon the graduation ceremony commences.



An epic fail of me being the official photographer of my brother. I hated myself after seeing this preview in the camera screen. I couldn’t get my hands steady and maybe it has something to do with my stance but in all of this I am to be blamed for not getting this shot right. How stupid of me not putting it in burst mode so much so that I could have picked a better shot.

This is but a single frame. One still photo reminding me of my best excuse, that is I am so proud and happy for our brother, for mama and the rest of our family thus why I really didn’t focus more on the camera.

As he is about to get on stage, watching him from my vantage point, my hands begin to sweat and shake. I know, I can feel that I can’t have the best possible photo of him really.

Fortunately, they have that real official photographer on the event to take that moment of him more clear and crisp than what I took. I forgive myself easily after seeing my brother walk back to his seat and enjoy the rest of his graduation day.


Our BTS(behind-the-scenes) at home just minutes before we head to the university.


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