Change It Up

This week I have been thinking about my header. I have been using it since I pushed myself of building an empire of posts in this part of the blogosphere.

It has come to my senses in renaming it. Partly influencing my decision when I did my homework of reading blogs after blogs that interests me. I realized this week that my blog is creating a stand on itself. It is an open book now about my life. My tagline Life, Family, Friends, Nature, Culture and Adventures underscore what I wanted this platform to be.

I am happy and thankful to all my followers, and likers for letting me breathe through here. For letting me see that writing online transforms, changes and makes a better part of you.

Self check and personal judgment tick in me whenever I write my posts and get ready to hit publish. That feeling of reluctance and doubt cloud my feelings every time. Questions form in my mind with a lot of “if’s”. If it is worth sharing, too personal or if I should just stick it to memory and keep it? These then formed a wall in me.

A wall that I begin to retrofit, to cement and to simply keep it standing because that serves as a buffer zone wherein I can examine and make adjustments knowing in myself that if I pushed it off my wall it is better already for the world to see.

Working on my better blogging self now I owe telling you dear followers and my growing readership that I am changing it up—my blog title. From Irish Noble King to The King is Brave. I am keeping the word king since it has been my sort of like a charm across this blogosphere. This word also defined my blog as an empire that I continue to build.

If you mind my URL, the-king-is-farrell that’s just it, it translates to:

The King is Brave.


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