Fishing is one of the sectors that fuel our provincial economy. In the northern part of the province, is where these coastal towns are situated and fishermen are found making a living in the vast sea. Its open sea waters are connected to the Pacific ocean so picture how much of these resources are in abundance within our markets.


Siruma, Philippines. Two fishermen carrying their freshest catch.

I took this photo while I am on board the outrigger fishing boat, that will take me back to the city, together with my close friend B and some more company. So, I am not alone on this two hours of butt numbing boat ride. It was around 7a.m. when this happened. From afar, I saw these two men carrying these big fishes and then loading it to that boat.

I then heard B’s priest brother loudly talking at our direction saying that these are ours for the taking. He’s giving these fishes as a going-away present for us. I spent four days on this secluded coastal town on where he was assigned as the new parish priest. I made it on this part of town because of him, it was rather a small job of documenting him for this church event.

He added that these fresh catch were fished the night before. He exclaimed that these are what the fishermen gave him instead of his request for the staple seafood like squids, crabs, prawns and those other meaty fishes which are more delectable and of high value compared to it.

Dumbfounded, I really don’t know what kind of fishes are those even I like to eat fish because I haven’t really eaten such kinds, but I gladly and thankfully accepted his present because it is considered a blessing.

Fishes as gifts especially coming from a priest like him, what could be more blessed than that—part of our culture is when a host gifts you, just accept it wholeheartedly and say thank you.

It’s exactly what I did.



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