Beautiful and Kind

Longtime friends are old friends. Old friends share time, effort and laughs without fail. Distance may come between us both but still the love of friendship in us flourishes, and I know in my heart that I got an old friend with you. This post is dedicated to you so I want to put into longevity—same with our friendship—a simple collection of thoughts appreciating the beauty of a person that you are.


It is the least I can do, bhe, because we are dear friends.

Looking back in time of our friendship we shared, I may say, is a happy timeline. I was never your bestfriend but it is alright. Regarding you as my close friend is the chance I opened for our friendship to grow in us. If I didn’t do it maybe it would be easy to let days and days pass us by. Our shared conversations could have ended bland and annoying most of the time, least intolerable in our own company.

I didn’t feel that way since I embraced the gift of friendship with you. I realized that you are a smooth sailor. Always happy to set sail, ride the waves and let the wind push but I know you have your hand on that wheel. Gripping at it with ease to take control of direction. Just like that, I admire you. Admiring on how you take things that matter by getting yourself in there, doing best of what you can, and trusting faith and fate take its course.

The chance of being flatmates came to us. It is, was an experience of real journey of our friendship. Knowing that I have a friend in you it grew more to having a family in you, a sister.

Your kindness, generosity and pure happy disposition fuels me to want to imbibe it and be the person that I am, still growing up.

Your infectious laughs, punchline and sweet banter make the most out of you when we share conversations extended till the break of dawn. In all of these, I rest that you are beyond the person that I come to know of you. I learned from you that things that matter to us need not be taken with a poker mask on rather enduring the context of its seriousness should be balanced or injected with on-the-spot funny puns and then burst into stomach numbing laughs.

Your wit and quirky kind of character draw the most of us, your friends, to place you on a sweet spot all tucked in our hearts and stomachs.

Your youthful vibe too draws me to keep this friendship with you, leaving me with no choice because I read that it battles aging and premature wrinkles. It is a decision I just need to take because it saves me a lot of money to spend on getting myself healthier. Haha!

Beyond these words, I thank you for the friendship, bhe. Happy, happy birthday!

All the love.



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