Last December, that time of holiday feel and cold early morning seeping through our home,  made me a bit of being all over the place. My elder brother N came home—surprisingly—and gladly I was still composed of myself not hurriedly going home to escape the rush, hustle and unforgiving plight of people in Manila. I was caught there.  His girlfriend was also there making rounds of some stuff and I was company.

       Before that happened, I made sure that Mama will have her heart in peace seeing her lovely and bright home with its nooks dressed and ready for the season of merriment–Christmas tree, wreaths, lights, ribbons and twigs all hung and put into place.


Our Christmas tree, all bright and tall. December, 2014.

       Christmas tree is Mama. When she was young and able to do crafts and arts, a DIY Christmas tree is what she does comes the holidays. It maybe made from bamboo twigs or coconut fronds without the green leaves. Crepe papers and craft foils adorned this tree turning it to glistening white. Coming from the tropics, we all dream of having a white Christmas. Someday.

  It is now my turn to make that Christmas tree for Mama when holiday season is approaching. I busy myself looking over at Pinterest for inspirations on what can I make differently every season. For this season, I put on a lot of ceramic red berries, much like cherry tomatoes in size, all over the tree. It’s not evident in the photo because of the blur obviously.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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