Early Bird

I expected that September early mornings are still dark with some patches of gray slowly fading in the horizon as longer nights begin during “ber” months in the tropics, like my country, but given this image maybe the solstice and equinox—I put the terms together because I am confused of trying to understand both after I googled it—has not happened yet during this time I photographed my would be another perfect sunrise.

Siruma. September, 2013.

Siruma. September, 2013.

I took it at 5 AM. The sun had just peeked through the mountain range of this coastal town. My vantage point was limited to anywhere but here, on this narrow, full of overgrowth shore. Inasmuch as I wanted to get into the water with my gear, the fear of stumbling in the shore and sinking in the sand under the water was full in me.

I promised my kuya N that we’ll take good care of our cameras. He has bought for family use three digital cameras. The one I brought with me on this trip was the compact one and it was a little heavy. Holding it needs quite a steady grip.

After taking this photo, I walked along the beach. Loose sand cover the shoreline and my feet sank half-foot deep. Then I knew that the waves will quickly erode and eat it away as it approach the shore.

I securely placed the camera’s lanyard on my neck. For whatever unfortunate timing I stepped on loose sand my hands are free to hold at anything and balance my self. Well, I spent this early morning wallowing in the warm waters after I had enough taking photos and walked around uphill to catch breakfast at the convent.

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