A thatched roof is a usual sight in Asian structures meant for dwelling. People use it as a cheap alternative roofing material that can be even sourced in the thickets of forests remaining in the mountains. This kind of thatch is a leaf, a big leaf you can wrap it around your body. On other parts of my province it is made into a traditional wide-brimmed hat and native fans.


The intricacies of how this thatched roof is made catches every time my curious eyes. I am drawn to how tedious a worker puts his effort and maybe gathers his crafty hands to carefully place, space together and tightly sewn every leaf with a plastic or dried rattan straws on the bamboo slats frame to shape the roof. For this roof above, it is a square beach hut, though it appears round to imagination, maybe because of the center lumber frame where the rest of the other wooden boards sit.


Seeing this photo in my folder under 2014, I felt the itch again to go somewhere even for just a moment of getting away. The feeling of traveling and reaching a different, maybe a familiar sight heals something inside of you. Wanderlust as they put it. My longing of a place and the journey in going at it seem to absurdly cross my mind this time as I write this post.

As my not-blood-related twin sister and I had one conversation via chat onto having our next beach adventure, we both talked on how we dislike, not much hate, noisy kind of beaches. She added the thought of her not understanding partying at the beach.

Maybe we’ve just grown to the idea of the beach being our runaway seclusion. Our spot, together with the rest of our friends, acting as the silent witness to our mundane thoughts, unexpected laughs and cries, hits and misses of our camping skills especially when starting a fire and the overly dramatic but mostly funny behind-the-scenes after an all-night drink.


How intricate is a beach hut made also transcends into how intricate are each of the lives of every person that seeks its shelter. Much to it acting as protection, it also becomes a cocoon to whatever that person desiresโ€”a transition, a liberation to his new start, new perspective, maybe a new life altogether.


    1. Maybe you should try visiting Southeast Asia, specifically here in the Philippines, where the abundance of these thatched roofs for beach huts or even houses are found. In our local language, we call it “anahaw”. Those leaves spaced and carefully sewn in that is already withered under the elements. But when it is roofed, they are fresh and green to begin with. Thank you for your thoughts. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. It is comforting to know but also got me excited reading your thoughts about my photo. Really it was one shot. I was not into putting much thought of my perspective when I took this. And when I saw it in my folder I knew exactly that it would be fitting for the week’s theme challenge. I am glad you loved my unexpected perspective. Thank you for your thoughts. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Funny how pictures take our minds to places we have forgotten or rarely visit. Intricacies art/life mirror the intricacies in ourselves if we look closely.

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    1. Pictures indeed provide the tangible memory of the intricacies of arts and life. It has been quite my habit of unearthing some memories-conversations made, laughters shared-of all the pictures I took of my family and friends and so too with the things that feeds my curiosity like in this photo. Thank you for thoughts. ๐Ÿ™‚

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