Dearest Mama

We promise to take care of you, forever.

In lieu of mother’s day celebration this year, my heart skips a beat not spending it with my dearest Mama. Distance is a stretch for the both us and so too with my two brothers but with the advent of mobile phones—we are glad that finally she embraced the possession of a phone three years ago—I may have the chance to spend a couple of minutes talking, greeting her on that day and just listen to her comforting voice.

I have written a number of posts sharing how my Mama beautifully looks and how she is as a mother to me and my three brothers. I have also said in those posts that I want to write as much as I can about her. One of the reasons is immortalizing her memories: our experiences with her and all those lovely thoughts about her.

Thoughtfulness is another thing I have learned about her. I became fond of doing arts and crafts especially handmade greeting cards for birthdays and on times like this for Mother’s Day. Inside those greeting cards I would write a letter, a poem or sometimes just the words, “I love you, Mama.”

Letter to Mama. December 25, 2007.

Letter to Mama. December 25, 2007.

For all those lovely thoughts, I am sharing a letter I have written to her last December, 2007. I wrote it in my hometown’s dialect and this is the translated version:


Merry Christmas! I am happy that even we are experiencing this roller-coaster ride of family life still you are persistent to move forward. Of course we have to because we will just age quickly if we are to get affected of these unworthy things. Also I get to see and we feel that you will not forsake us, we know that and for that I admire you as a great person aside from being the wonderful mom and the best mom we could ever have in this world.

Your greatness is one that strengthens us because throughout all these circumstances, you are a good person. And that I am greatly thankful to God, that what we see in you is how we will embody from you as our parent.

I am grateful for the life you’ve given us as one of our parents. You are always there, your support, your compassion and your love for us.

We are grateful for your kindness, your patience because nothing compares and truly one of a kind. The best mother!

We know that your are strong as a person in spite of the circumstances still you manage to make most of the situation and start from that and composed your self.

We promise to take care of you, forever. I know that is one of our ways of thanking you if not repay you among the million rather priceless and unconditional love and effort in taking care of us.

We, are sorry too for those short comings and being hard-headed. Maybe you really deserve to be given an honor. Hehe! You say a lot, a lot of comments and orders and you still do it on your own. Give yourself a break. Hehe!

Seriously, we are thankful to God for blessing you and making you an instrument to bring us to this world.

We pray and wish that may you be blessed with long life and pair it with good and sound health, of course.

These things, though winded along the road we are traveling, we know that you will have our backs and not leave us behind. We will always turn back to see you, to take care of you when you’re limping on the walkway.

I know you feel our struggles but need not worry. You are assured that we have a take on this, we are mature enough. I know you trust us.

Thank you. We LOVE you. God bless us.



Your Boys, 🙂


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