Find beauty in something broken, that last line on this week’s photo challenge theme caught my attention. I found myself relating to it and all what has been happening to the world covering me. The collision of beauty and broken threw myself off back on what, where I have been to over the past two years. Hint: I will write about it next time.



When something’s broken inside our house especially on things that we use daily like utensils and kitchen wares such as glasses, cups, plates and all that china, Mama would tell us to get rid of it because it is unlucky and may cause series of unfortunate events to us. I didn’t understand it at first. I thought it was just a myth but all that belief underlies a practical habit.

If you are to, for example, use a glass with a chipped mouth, one would likely have a cut on his lips or worse ingest minute shards of glass. It follows suit for everything that is under china wares. So broken china wares should be thrown off already and I got that from my Mama.


The real story of my photos:

It was taken two days after a storm ravaged my home province. It was one of the storms that I got to see and feel its intensity, its raging strong winds. I felt at some point fear, fear that we might lose our house. Eventually, it died down and I prayed silently in my mind thanking God for sparing our home.

Those were pictures of parts of an old house across our house. The broken window was on one of the rooms at the second floor. There is a family renting it but not anymore occupying the rooms upstairs. It being broken I am not sure if it was caused by the storm or was it just really old it fell off. The glasses’ designs were antiques already. The young palm tree bowed down from the winds and slumped on the rusting iron fence and its graying concrete walls. The decorative blocks might have been damaged by the huge palm tree, not in the picture. I know it is perfectly lying somewhere in that mini garden behind those blocks.

I have been inside this old house. I grew up seeing and meeting the family that used to live there. I don’t know where they are now. I haven’t heard any news of the family too. I was able to go back and see its insides when a high school friend and her family rented it. The house give me the creeps since. It is haunting.

Taking the photo of that broken window gave me chills, I thought that one might peek at it and mind that I am talking a photo. A sigh of relief for me that nobody was there when I previewed my shot.

Again, take a closer look on that broken window above.


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