One of the beaches I would always want to return to no matter where my feet take me to other pristine, gleaming white sand and picture perfect beaches. This is part of my life. I grew up visiting this quaint stretch of gray shoreline. Walking tiptoed or running as fast as I can when the sand gets too hot during midday. If you arrive early morning or late afternoon, a leisure stroll barefoot is a great past time. Hearing the calming sound of the waves and the swift breeze of warm humid air across your face and body transports you to thinking.

Time sometimes stands still when you just enjoy the quiet moment. The soothing consolation of communing with Mother Nature is just something to behold, magical and transcending.

sagnay beach

Sagnay, Camarines Sur. May, 2014.

We were here on a May month and unsurprisingly the beach is not teeming with the usual goers. Well, April is its peak time because of a week-long beach festival here. All sorts of parade, music-fest, bikini open and all others are done by the gray shore. I imagine a mass of people would flock, being in their most rad beach wears enjoying themselves. After, the beach is left in a mess with trash all over. I haven’t been to this beach fest yet. I am not looking forward to partying at it much less share this spot with a lot of people. Remember, I said that I dislike noisy kind of beaches.

When we got here the weather’s fine and hot perfect to dip, float and cool down by the sea. May usually rings the start of wet season but oddly that time of year the dry season seem to extend itself, maybe, just maybe awaiting for me and my family to head to this beach and enjoy it to ourselves.


    1. Yes, I prefer the absence of crowds in this beach I grew up visiting because this is a fishing village, there is also a port nearby. What I really love about this it its wide gray shoreline so the sea and the resorts share some distance. Sitting by the sands enjoying the sea, and the rest of the landscape is really blissful. Thank you for your thoughts. 🙂

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    1. I agree to your saying that “the sea is always such a joy to the senses”. I don’t know really the kind of effect it brings. Maybe it has something to do with the vastness, the open space, unlimited panoramic view that you could just soak in solitude. Thank you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Janet. I am glad you liked my photo. It is beautiful in its own rawness. A fishing village on the side, some resorts have already sprung up in mansion type built but I love that they maintained open native huts to accommodate their guests. You could just hang a hammock and woo yourself to sleep or just quietly enjoy a good beach book to read to kill time. 🙂

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