Something Green

Over the past weeks of this month I didn’t come up with posts for the photo challenge. The feeling of burnout is out of the question more so of my interest in the themes. I so wanted to look into my archive but I felt stuck with those photos sitting to be sifted through again. Find my match and post and talk some more of it. What I realized was I needed to get away from these folders of mine, temporarily. The need to get out and go somewhere ignited in me.

I told my not kin twin sister C that my muse is away; burning itself from the transience of a new scenery, basking in the daylight glow muted by the gray skies and cozily keeping warm in a tree house.

The dare of looking at my archives the past weeks was put into oblivion. Getting out of my hole for a day and chasing daylight is not really my forte. I do want to take new photos. The urban setting is not working for me at all. Honestly, I have not tried framing into my camera the park outside the main avenue where I live now. Maybe I should try at it first.

Maybe I am having an urban syndrome, read: homesick. Homesick of trees, fresh air and sunlight. The sun hurts at the metro. Glare, heat and smoke put tears to my eyes. Pollution is crazy and imminent. I’ve read about walking. Wanting of walking under the shade of trees because it calms us down. Reluctance begs me not to come at the park. The trees are surrounded by trash and more trash. It is not well maintained much less manicured to landscaped perfection.

Moving on, a better park I can live on is a bus ride away. The travel is my culprit. Moderate traffic will make me a towel all wrung out. When I get there I may not be re-energized enough by the cool breeze, the rustling of the leaves, the smell in the air: fresh. The last frontier I consider in this bustling megalopolis of the Philippines is a stretch to visit. More concrete box columns are sprouting. The new scenic view of skyline: high-rise condominiums. Economically good but where have the open spaces filled with greens been. Vilifying the state of how worse it has become is irreparable. It didn’t happen overnight so a lot has happened with the rolling of leaders, laws and development.

Two weekends from now I will have the chance to go home and hug a tree.

Tell me how you feel after when you hug a tree too.





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