Beneath Your Feet

Matukad Island, Caramoan, Philippines.

Matukad Island, Caramoan, Philippines.

The sight and feel of an island: the sand, the sea and the salt in the air is enough for me to go right now, imagining myself taking long strides on its fine shore, happily wearing a smile under pure bliss and artfully enjoying taking photos of what my eyes dazzle of its odd grandeur.

When I had my fair share of experiencing getting out there when the going gets tough, I really enjoyed myself traveling to those places. Maybe it be marred with annoying or rude interactions still you need to be on the road and let it not drag you behind. A relative learning process for me so thinking on your feet comes handy here. With these few travels that I’ve had most of it was zoned in my selfish ways of disposition. I wanted to detach, get away with no reasons. I wanted to be bold and carefree. The irony is in me. I am in a bubble of wanting to get away but I am with a company in all these travels I had. Nevertheless, holding to that feeling and sensitively guarding myself while everyone’s sleeping on the bus or boat, I fall into introspection. The quiet passing of time and the speed of traversing the road or the sea is enough for me to soak in the moment. To soak myself of things that I need to straighten out.That time is in the past now, I may say.

To my future travels what I want is to let the time pass in peace. Taking my moments not falling to oblivion of my company rather breathing normally with all my senses fully aware of my surrounding, the nature and the people I am with. Fanning the energy that is life reassuring is what I want for myself to radiate.




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