From Every Angle

From every angle when I pointed my camera all I see was my niece’s round face bringing so much joy to our summer vibe last year. With her cheeks that makes you gigil(see #12) over it, my focus derails me on taking a better shot of her and my aunt. However, I am glad to have captured these candid moments of them.

It was her first time on the beach and she made a face when seawater was poured on her head then trickling down her face. She was able to have a taste of it and we laughed seeing her reaction. She squinted maybe from the salt in the water reaching her eyes. If she can talk that time she might have said, “It tastes funny.” Good thing she didn’t cry. She languidly enjoyed the little pool we made on the sand and got the feel of the sand between her toes.

It was just around 10 in the morning but the heat was intense my aunt brought with them an umbrella to shade our little bundle of joy from too much sun.

*  *  *

I am back in my archive folders. I haven’t collated my photos for this year so all of my entries for the challenges were sifted from my 2 years worth of photo memories. Spotting these photos were easy for me because when I read about the week’s challenge theme I wanted to get the feel of the beach. I am so hungry to go to the beach now and I been saying my desire from my past posts already.

Contending to feeding my longing of a beach experience I just picked these photos and uploaded them first in Canva to try on some of their filters. I used the Selfie filter for these three and I was done.

Easy as uploading and resizing and tweaking some filters and adjustment you can pull out a photo that satisfies just the way you want it to project. Do check out and explore this free online tool when post processing seem to sound complicated and unbelievable to produce an oomph for your photos. It will definitely help anyone in doing more about their photos and even all the other social media needs.

What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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