Unsent Letter: Part One

An unsent letter is never my thing. When I pen my thoughts addressed to persons important to me I make sure that they receive and have read it in time for any occasion that expresses my dedication and greetings. However, I found unsent letters stashed in my old journal last week while I was cleaning my closet and getting rid of old clothes.

It was really unintentional of me not sending those letters. I’ve written them in time for the holidays because on the face of the envelope I wrote their names and when to open it once they received it. I really don’t know why I wasn’t able to give it to them. The year was 2013. December of that year just few days before Christmas I remembered I was a bit busy and kind of all over the place.

So now I am taking this blog to give life again to these letters I wrote and was not able to send, unintentionally, to their rightful addressee. I will be writing in parts the letters I found but it will not be that soon. I want to let myself immerse and rise to any occasion of my addressee’s life and through these unsent letters I will ghostly hand in (I will still be keeping the copies for myself), rededicate and honor them in their upcoming occasions in their lives.

∗  ∗  ∗


(To Chiqui on Christmas Day, December 25, 2013)

November 29, 2013

Dearest Chiquitita, 

Twin sis, hello’s and hi’s are such an unusual thing for us. LOL! I don’t know how we arrived to this kind of friendship, that we always want to look forward to each other. I’ve grown into that through time trusting others in our circle of news I got from you tend to be held back. Hehe! Sometimes these non-sense updates from other people seem to be our staple and I’ve honestly told you that we should stop it and instead we need to suck it up, or forget about them or completely shut our world from them.

I greatly appreciate the friendship. Our friendship. I’d like to remind you of that. Through time a lot of things happened from each of our lives and whenever I feel like talking about it, I would want to talk to you. I would want to chat with you about it via YM. Hehe! I am happy that way. Hehe! Seriously, you’ve been really that twin sister I wish I had but nonetheless you’re up to it and through you I’ve become a better person. Yes, you have had influenced me to always be great and have faith on myself to achieve something.

You’ve been so generous too and your constant appreciation of me just inspired me to look forward to life and happiness. You’ve seen and known my unhappy days but you’re always there, I know you will always be there I can run to whenever.

Copy of the letter for my twin sis.

Copy of the letter for my twin sis.

And that’s something I will treasure forever about you. I thank God to have met the kind of awesome person that you are. I always pray that may you be blessed a thousand folds just for being my person.

Wait. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and your family: Kervi and Zak!

You’re being a mom when you demand for something and that sounds funny even when you text or PM. Hehe! Peace!

I love to think that you’re the best mom and you’re doing all that you can raising that adorable son of yours. I love your family and I will stand by here all the time as well inasmuch as I can.

Seeing Zak grow before Facebook and blog photos you upload, I am contented that behind that rough, rough boy, terrible at two, is an assurance that great parents are there and the mommy is taking her responsibility seriously. That’s you. Hats off to you, Mrs. G!

One more, Happy New Year! Happy New Year to our friendship!

All the Love, Happiness, Success and Long Lasting Friendship!

More love, 

Twin Bro

Thanks for all your support, the inspiration to keep blogging. I am full of gratitude because with you I am comfortable that when my life sucks you will be there reminding me, asking me what I’m up to thus returning me to thinking sanely about things and seriously stand on it. You inspire me because you’ve become stronger and fiercer.

 Kisses to Zak.

∗  ∗  ∗

I am sharing this personal letter as my way of giving life again to these thoughts I have handwritten for my twin sis coinciding with an occasion that is dear to her and her family. It is a journey to reassuring and binding future and it calls for a celebration of life, love and honor as beautiful loving couple and parents to their good looking children. Some of my thoughts on this letter speak to her and are like my send away gesture to her on this journey.



  1. Twin B, you never fail to make me teary-eyed reading your blog post for me and for my family. This letter may have been long overdue but it’s still so timely. And since I’m still emo from yesterday’s event, let me thank you for being (again) my steady support system. I know that I can always depend on you from one non-sense story about my nemesis to the artsy stuff and recipes at home up to the what-ifs of the future. Thank you twin b. I will never forget your love for us especially for my kids.

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