The Guitar Man

Keeping up with my love for music I am contented to listening and appreciation only. You, my brother, have the talent. I envy you learning on how to play the guitar. The only thing I’d wish I can get my hands full for the love of music but I was at fault on not pushing more. Being a lefty is not an excuse though. I’m despaired.

IMG_7746What you got is raw and awesome talent, really. I am proud of you. It is something innate in you and I am happy that music is one of the things that bridges our differences, you know our philosophically rich views and sarcasm filled banter. Growing up we had some Siamese fighting fish kind of relationship. Sometimes it gets the better of me to not talk to you just to put an end to our bickering. Later on I learned to make amends when Mama would tell me, remind me to stretch my patience with you since I am your older brother.

You know what you like, what you want in most of the things. Your uniqueness in style makes you the sensible and cool guy that you are. Yes. Cool. So better treat everyone right and make yourself the man who you are now or I can always take that “cool” impression from you. I hope that you continue to aim for your goals and dreams in life. You rock everything in your path to reach it.

With you being so selective at times in all things that concerns you like food, clothes, shoes, and on errands that Mama would ask of you I hope that may you be blessed with patience—a lot of it—and not to procrastinate always.

Happy Birthday!

Mic, drop.



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