Replete Of Memories and Banter

IMG_0785Actually, having you as a brother is like dining out in an all you can eat buffet because you are everything that you are and sometimes you got all these mixed up decision. I will be talking about food now, I mean you. Sorry, food is something that’s so relevant with our relationship as brothers, you know. In all of this I know this post will warm you heart and kind of fill your stomach, brother.

While you are annoying and a good companion at the same time I can’t lie to myself that I enjoy being with you. Being the youngest sometimes you normally whine, fuss over small things but at the end we all fall to leniency and complacency in treating you. Maybe because you are the youngest and the family puts up with you no matter what. The bunso (Filipino for youngest sibling) magic.

I pride myself of having you as my brother because somewhat I’ve become parental over you. I’ve seen you grow and babysit you whenever Mama isn’t around during weekends. I’ll put you to sleep. Make sure too that you’re groomed, fresh and cleaned. We bonded over home cooked meals and we were all so happy about it we gained more of our slender younger selves. Until now all things about food is just music to our ears. We just love to eat, don’t we?

Realizing how time has passed and you finishing college this year and passing as a registered master electrician is but a feat. I am proud of you dear brother. I pray that you stay grounded and reach for your dreams or do whatever you want. As we share and exchange memories of our childhood and when sudden banter of nonsense observations or boredom kicks in between us, think always that I will be your older brother willing to take it easy on you. You hear me out sometimes, you ask me of what I think of things sometimes. That is what I like about you. You just blabber. And you know it annoys me. I knew then that you were just being silly and a tease. It will never change between us.


Come on let’s go for a walk or jog around.
Happy Birthday!
Shall we have pancakes or eggs and bread after we walk
or jog?



What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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