Light ‘Em Up

The dragging and slow feeling is just eating me these past days—the feels. The cliché me is again here. What I ought to say now is this is just me getting ahead of the drag and slow. I shed sweats in putting up the holiday decor around the house last week. I spent two days to dress up the large window, two Christmas trees and the garlands and twigs. My youngest bro buddy with me. He inputs some designs and the total balance of the decor.

Sounding a bit serious when it comes to dressing up our home in time for the holidays because it is. It is less than a month now before Christmas day commences and Mama have been quietly wondering why I am not piecing together the reds, golds and greens. With me being just a bum now, she is expecting that I might be the one doing the decorating which I will and I did. Before this expectations and all I was drained of inspiration in the most creative sense. I don’t want to pull out these decor and slump it all over. I want a thought-out design. I am particular with the aesthetic really.

Inasmuch that you will put up an effort why do it less so or why do it at all? I only have my mother to disappoint and it doesn’t sit well with the rest of us because she is fond of having the feels of the holiday season. It’s that time of the year again that she begs the house becomes warm and Christmas-y.


Garland by the window

Μy bestfriend C said that their Christmas tree was given away by her father. She was telling that she’ll be sending her kids back home with her parents for Christmas and wanting to let them open their gifts while seated behind if not under the tree. Now, even a photo opportunity of her kids and the tree is whacked. I may have to obligingly offer our tree for that and me taking their photos as well. I miss them. I’m thinking of what I might gift them comes Christmas. I am a godfather indeed. Whew.

I look forward to spending a quiet Christmas. The days passing feel so fast as December 25 comes near yet I am uncomfortably beating myself of this dragging current. To be honest, part of this current is personal and I am hopeful and praying that it will be resolved and settled. Part of being an adult, you have responsibilities, you have decisions and it is best to take at it head on and strong. Burying myself to thinking will only build stress and will definitely impair a part of me. Well, to better days and to a Merry Christmas.


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