Being a witness to two persons drawn to each other and finding themselves tugging the lines towards togetherness, some of the faces known to them may have not been accepting and yet they continue trying the world…against all odds.

In pursuit of all things that matter to us we all learn along the way that it isn’t perfect—as always—and the journey just opens us in varied ways, then we realize the truest value of what kind of life we want to. What kind of life we want to spend it with.

Transition is an understatement to this couple that I love and admire. My bestfriend C and her beau K now–husband have journeyed through time. From their budding romance to their start-up family, gifted with two beautiful kids, is a testament that we fight for life not only to survive but to live life in general with the person we love.

I am proud of them for having to stand by themselves and continue to strive in building their own family. They sealed their relationship as husband and wife a few months ago. It was a simple celebration of them wanting to witness it by people special to them. Sadly, I wasn’t there. I couldn’t even take a photo of them both. That’s the transition I really would’ve wanted to share here but I know bestfriend C will say and point again that it was just a normal day, “I just became Mrs. K and then we dined at the restaurant.”

I then look forward to their lovely wedding day at the church and dream of it on top of a hill overlooking the vast blue sea and surely now I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Again, congratulations and best wishes Mr. and Mrs. K!



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