Eye Spy

This was a random shot while a stream of people in a procession kind of manner flooded the street each with their own “Jesus Christ”. I have taken a couple of shots before retreating inside our veranda and this moment was captured. I understand this portrays the scene of Jesus being helped by Simon of Cyrene. This “Simon of Cyrene” in my photo seemed more than happy to help “Jesus” in carrying his cross. It blew me away as I zoomed out and checked his reaction. His eyes gleaming with a crooked smile. And it wasn’t the kind of reaction I am expecting of him.

It was a Good Friday. A time to relive the passion of Jesus Christ. My hometown preserves this tradition of reenacting His last few hours before He died on the cross—from the moment He carried the cross on His back towards Mt. Calvary.

It becomes one man’s devotion to submit himself to this sacrifice when the observance of Holy Week commences. Vesting a maroon colored robe with a nylon rope tied around the hip is a sight representing himself as Jesus. He is accompanied by lanky boys garb in Roman guards costume with whips and ropes hanging by their side. Their red synthetic leather skirts and vest are adorned with insignia of their fraternity. Sometimes a sigil is also seen with that same insignia. So it appears more of a communal effort, a cooperation of a certain group to stage this reenactment much like doing a play or a street performance.

Maybe he was not oriented of his role or maybe he was just there to help “Jesus” for he cannot bear his cross anymore.


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