Mini Wingman

Crashing at my dearest friend’s house with her little boy’s amiable presence is both warming and exciting. His ever ready smile and hug and hearing him calls out your name in elation with longing tone whereas we’ve only seen each other in just a week.

I am joyful seeing him that way, in such a happy state. Rushing his way down the stairs and welcoming me with his arms wide open to give me a hug as I step inside their house. Looking up at me he is wearing that jovial and mischievous smile on his face and immediately asks me if I’ll crash with them again. I would tease him of making a face and answer my astounding “No!” and he will not leave my side until I answer him with a yes or a maybe and or honestly tell him that “I will not and will just come back later”.

He is smart enough to understand and settle with an answer as long as you give him an answer. And that’s the way to deal with a five-year-old kid’s probing question.

zeb 5th bday

A week before his birthday, I heard him say to me, “because I love you, Tito Fah“. It was rather a spontaneous moment between us talking, with him asking me if I were to go home already or to stay and then he said that he loves me. I told him that I will be going and will just have to change clothes and come back. Only to come back a week after. But he knows I will come back to see him.

He is his parents’ treasure. He gives the meaning of joy and multiplies the love, kindness, patience and sharing in the family.

I love you too mini wingman. I love your family. I wish and pray that as you grow may you be kind, loving and strong boy always. May you never forget to be warm and affectionate. You might not realize now how much your spontaneity of thoughtful words affect people around you that absolutely loves you just the same. May you continue to be the life of the party and improve more your dance moves (calling Mama and Daddy).

Be smart and be well, dearest Zeb. Happy Birthday!


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  1. this is so touching… Honestly, I got teary eyed while reading this. Thank you bhe! Indeed, my son loves you.. he tells me that very often especially after you left our home last week. Thank you for everything bhe, for being not just a friend but a family. We’re truly grateful for the friendship. ♥♥♥

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