Thirty and Thriving

As I read through this sweet greetings from my twin sis I am looking at the hanged clock on our wall. After each paragraph I spied the ticking of the second hand just because I am excited to reblog this on my platform, knowing that I am immensely thankful for having a dear best friend and now we are a tandem.

Calling ourselves twins even we are not physically not close even to being fraternal. Just that love of friendship has grown in us that it continues to bridge us in all the things that life throws at us.

Sweet, sweet, such sweet words to read these and to cap my birthday today.

Thank you so much twin s with all my fatty heart. All the love to you and your family. I astoundingly say to be here for you always and to all our dreams and adventures beyond.

PS This is quite a difficult novel post to top off. I’m just glad we are upping our memories through here.

Chapter Two

The first line of a paragraph is the hardest to write.  And here I am trying to come up with the best one without trying to sound strained.  I love birthdays and 30 is a milestone. I think there’s no other way to celebrate birthdays than to celebrate friendship with it.

I’ve known Farrell for almost two decades of my life and I guess it’s safe to say that our friendship goes a long way. We both grew up in a small town, studied in the same school, and became friends in grade school. But I will not bore you with our history anymore. Farrell is not just a friend, he’s my twin brother. He’s one of my son’s favorite uncle calling him, “Tito Fah.” He is one of my voices of reason. He is my person.

And as he celebrates thirty, I came up with a list of his…

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