They Got Me A Cake

YES, THEY DO! Of course, it was a surprise birthday cake for me. I couldn’t stop myself from not immortalizing their thoughtful gesture and not write about them. Having a cake for my birthdays has passed me and it really doesn’t feel less of a birthday if I don’t have one. Celebrating such a day is but a normal day to me, contented in sharing a dinner with my family or having a drink or two with my friends.

I may have to say they got me this time. And I thank them so much for such sweetness.

It felt awkward having to see a dedication written for me on the cake. Not that I don’t like it but as I have said before, it has passed me to receive and be gifted with a cake. My expectation of celebrating my day quietly came out with a loud bang before the end of it. I really appreciate what they got for me and it made me more sentimental since we couldn’t be in one table to share this cake. Distance and work may have come between us but it continues to make us look forward to each others’ company especially on our birthdays no other.

IMG_1875This is my obligatory photo with my cake and I sent this through chat with these dearest friends to let them know that I did get the cake especially hand delivered by one of their trio. The surprise trio as I want to call them. They too signed the cake not with their names by with their own family names—their beaus surnames—making me gasp upon opening the box immediately as insisted by Bebs that I read whom this cake is from.

As we tread and make each of our lives, I believe in our friendship more. My regard to them seem to grow larger as they build their own families. Our mutual respect and acceptance also deepens. Communication has been automatic, open and more considerate of time when making replies.

I must say, I have made my fatty heart larger for them. Because I love you and your families. Thank you.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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