Morning Sunshine


“I hope you get where you’re going, and be happy when you do.” β€”On The Road, Jack Kerouac



THE IDEA OF LIVING, SURVIVING AND THRIVING in this lifetime, in our world is crazy at some point. When we try to think hard of it, when we ease our way into it, evidently there will be misses and hits but ultimately it is us still who decides and makes a stand on whatever we want. What we really want for ourselves.

Days are passing and the first month of the new year is almost done, gone. I must say there are days that seem to pass quite fast and there were those that linger long unexpectedly. Wondering thoughts build in my mind to this kind of fleeting moments that is inexplicably good when either we are pressed for time or just buying more time.

When we need and lost time, we turn in ourselves and try to look. We look for what we can make most out of it or what we might have done about it. As we do this, I must say we should all be ready to be accepting, or not.

Being optimistic is part of this acceptance. The reality of missing and hitting at something is always there so the optimism part is valuable. It is that fuel that will power up the engine. It is that turbine that will propel the ship forward. When we choose, when we make decisions the optimism is never far away. That there is hope.


That looking on a brighter side we can get out of the dark.





  1. Such a well-written post. “When we choose, when we make decisions the optimism is never far away.” That is so true. When we make a choice, often we choose to take a leap of faith and leave the past behind. Agree that optimism is about accepting what we can’t change. It’s also about moving along and not stopping – the more we move forwards, the more learn and find ourselves.

    Beautiful shot πŸ™‚


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