Let’s Have A Drink


As the sun sets behind the mountain ridge, the calm warm water is inviting us to get in and have a swim. Gray fine sand greeted our excitement too. My hands are both full, a beer on the left and a camera on the right.



I DRANK THREE CANS OF BEER in all, from dusk till night-time. That made my night while the rest of them were happily enjoying by the shore. One of our friends has slept on the sand few meters away from our hut and the tents. He dozed off right after our sumptuous chicken adobo dinner. While they were away, I got to lay on the bench and stretched my back. The cool breeze is soothing and inviting to sleep in. However, by the bonfire a group of other local tourists started making a fuss on setting their lanterns. Some of them try lighting and it lit and burned. Fail. So onto the next lantern they’ve learned and it lit up. Slowly it rose to the night sky and danced with the wind.




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