Soaring and Space Beyond Imagination


Every chat line that we share between the different time zones we are in, technology bridging and letting us converse in sync is reveling at some point. The distance puts off details, animations and habits out of our personal conversations. This we’ve been contending with for quite a long time now and pushing on it but it still feels different every time.


noyI wanted to write about you dear brother. I want to keep memories of how much you have done for our family. I want to write it here. I want to bring out words as smoothly, thoughtfully and quite sentimentally because that is. A part of me feels crap when you tell us stories of your experience there, the flip side as you put it. It is not that is annoying but it is like something you wanted to do about it and get it over with. But it is just not the case.

Every ounce of your energy you gather to pull through and work thousands of kilometers away from home on a distant land is both killing and rewarding. That’s what I want you to think always. Killing that distance grew on us but the longing for our family grew on us too. Longing in a good way that it brought us up to somewhere we can soar above and feel great to things that we value and mattered highly to us. The reward part is a bonus. I would like to think that it was, is always there because we all have that reward of family in us as brothers. Our brotherhood is our reward all along the space beyond imagination.

Happiest Birthday, Noy! My wishes of health, strength, wisdom, happiness and love embrace you always through the guidance of God. I am grateful and proud of all that you have stand up for in keeping our family especially in keeping with us, three, your brothers. To serving as our pillar together with Mama in building our dreams and letting us grow with the love of family.

All the love and thanks.




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