30th St. Corner Milestone Avenue, City of Life


Friends are the family that we get to choose.


TSA quote I read from the internet. Remembering who said it is killing me as I continue to compose words that may mean something or may be meaningful enough to convey what I want to say on this special day. The kind of day that you looked forward to since making that journey of your own. It is a testament that we make our dreams and we make it happen.

I am a bit caught with a serious bug because you taught me lots of serious things too. Things that matter to how our friendship grew over time. I am proud to have been on-board with you on this. I couldn’t trade even discount the time we mutually put on ourselves to have this friendship. The genuine person that you are made it easier. True enough, real friends mirror each other.

I’ve read too somewhere that friendship changes over time. I have to agree on this point. While friendship is a relationship, it is cemented voluntarily. One decides to enter into it, one decides to get out of it. One thing I am sure of, I am not going to get out of this, our friendship. Running or walking away will not happen. Maybe just delayed replies or going offline for days in the messenger may mean getting out, a bit. Seriously, space is a luxury today. Joke.

Happy Birthday, Twin S!

I couldn’t be more grateful for this friendship. Of all the days that I spent holed up with some batshit, you are just there. Continuously giving voice. Reminding me of realities, of what is more to life. Your generosity humbles me even more, while you may contest that part of you, I just want to say: thank you, in every sense of it.

Spending time with you and your family is the day I always look forward to. Your warmth, company and love within transcends happy time and memories.

Distance may have been drawn between us in the coming years and seeing and talking to each other may or may not be limited to video calls or messenger, I wish you and Kervi well always.


Big love,

Twin B


P. S.

Please excuse my non-sense greet on that journal I gave you before you leave town. But I hope you like it too. Can you tell me what I really wrote in there? Send it on messenger if you can.






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  1. Reblogged this on Chapter Two and commented:
    It seems that we are silently competing to top each other’s lengthy posts to one another every year. And he won this year! Thank you twin B for the lovely message. This is like my banner. A reference of some sort that will give credit to my character. 🙂

    with all the love,

    Twin S

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