Time & Chances


Time makes memories more like an easy file stored in a drawer. A convenient tag whenever one would decide to retrieve and put it up for recall as to what have happened, what was in it and if there were differences to refer to.

We remember time. We make time. We spend time. Time is involve in our entire living cycle.

Mostly during this entire living cycle that we revolve in time becomes one of the reasons to make an excuse. We make excuses of all sorts that it sounds stupid to get a clear head out of it. Like when our parents back home deserve some few minutes of call or maybe a text from us, chances are when we make it on a later time, we say that we’re pressed for time and time caught us on a whim we are so just busy. Same thing with our friends and those next in line of our social lives.

We just can’t get a good grasp of time. Either we are having less, more or just enough of it is totally unaccounted.


What I am saying is, with time we have this tendency to wait. We either find ways to kill it or let it live. Well I think killing time isn’t really spending just to let it pass because every moment counts though how silly, mundane or serious it is. We choose not to tag it under our watch really. We have this thinking that we have other time to spend something on but will come on a later period, let’s say meeting and sharing good coffee time with a friend.

Waiting. There is time there. We make time there. We make ourselves available to let time go and yet it keeps on coming. Ironic and mental in a sense.



As I turn yet another page in my own book of life, time and chances have always been my reason and excuse at the same time. Coming to terms with how I want to live independently and get the life I want involves getting back on track and find myself working again. Becoming too complacent and at times just feeling stuck, I reason that I still have my time. In my own I can do it because I got the time. On the other side, I excuse that it isn’t just my time yet knowing that I haven’t really done anything about it. It’s like getting ahead of what might happen and I am just crystal balling my chances, potentials and entire experience.

The gift of time and chances has arrived for me. It did not come in a fancy wrap still it did not discount me to feel truly grateful. To God, to whom I offer all my success. I am thankful to myself of keeping the game. A big thank you too to people close to me—family and friends— for staying closer in turn making them my perspective to view things that life will lead you somewhere so long as you know what you really want.

This is what I really want. To get a move on; be ready for the new job awaiting in the corner, relearn to storm the urban jungle and find the heart to give myself more.




What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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