March 15

March 15, 2016*


Last night I binged watch the latest season of Suits. A part of me was entertained, frustrated and left hanging based on how this latest season attacked their fears and kicked ass their way on the varied situations they themselves knew before stepping on it.

As I lie in bed to sleep I was glad I dozed off instantly. No ideas or insane imaginations to better future clouded my peaceful state. One thing popped out though, to get to this journal and write an entry on it. I got lazy and just turned off some lights to honor my brain telling my body to take the night off already. I think it was 1:45 am on the clock.

I started reading The Catcher in the Rye. I have it on a small book edition. I’ve been reading it for a couple of days and just can’t get in the zone of what I am really reading. For every page turned, I’m wanting to reread it. But I know it will just get me nowhere as far as reading goals are concerned. There’s a stack of options waiting for me. These books are looking at me. The least, they are not begging. I suppose.


sailingI made my twin sister a somewhat kind of personalized journal as my send-off gift to her. To be honest, I was happy I made her that. Thinking of wanting to gift her the past couple of weeks I felt uninspired and the feeling of homesickness is just wandering in front of my thoughts. She will be leaving and distance is inevitable. This time the possibility of how often we will meet is undetermined. Even the meeting over the internet. I guess the lengthy chat messages will be physical enough of this meeting we look forward to.

My homesickness is really fueled by the fact that they are no longer in the same house I can conveniently come to visit them as my family. When urban loneliness succumbs me they are no longer there to be company and regain my spirit. Dramatic as it sounds it lightens my heart to say this, to write about it because it is something that feels like home and family. That while at some point it is sad to see them go but you know it is always for the best and you just have to be happy and accepting about it.

New memories. Days are passing. Bumps are evidently laid on every road and driving around it sometimes is easy and sometimes it’s not. A constant reminder that life is never a bubble of what we always wanted. Deal with it when that time comes.




*As of to date this is my last journal entry. My first to share here in this blog. Over the course of my blogging it is where I draw some inspirations and pull out previous random thoughts that I can write about. Sharing this specific entry describes my present excitement towards writing more about new experiences in life.



What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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