Coffee Now, Beer Later



Or sometimes we have the beer first and then coffee later.

We usually meet around after dinner time. Either each one of us calls or texts of the details but never the place where to meet or hangout. Spending some waiting time just to get a move to our place of choosing takes the first few minutes of our meet-up. Walking along the street where restaurants and bars are located sometimes is necessary to have a feel of where exactly do we want to hangout.

Standing and waiting in front of a fast food joint or convenient store is where we also try to discuss where to really go. We assess if we are hungry enough to have dinner first or straight up booze spill.

There was never a straight forward conversation that we will be just having a coffee for the night or share a beer or two to cap off. It is always back and forth, annoying banter or someone will just jump the gun and be done with it.

The three of us always have a good time. We make sure of that.

Our friendship comes a long, long way. Old friends we can call each other and happen to make things better at least when we are at arm’s length bringing our company to a multiple of three. I am happy to write about this. It makes me smile a lot and remember our nights of complete crazy laughs.


When we get to the coffee shop we always make a good scan of the place. One of us will lead to the best table he or she thinks will be good enough. As soon as when all of us have seated, if no comments made then we are good with the table. If not, we hurriedly scan another spot even if that table is not yet bused.

Then a short game of over theres and over heres are exchanged. Adding more annoyance. Good annoyance. Never an episode of heated exchange rather more of making a fool of ourselves. Laughingstock we are for a brief there.

We order what we like. What we haven’t tried yet. Once the cups are served we take it in and only B obliges to take a photo of it or us, asking a waiter to capture the moment in her phone. Painted smiles fill our faces. All zooming our eyes to that tiny lens.

Thanks to her, all these photos of us together are hers. I grabbed it from her Facebook timeline. The irony of flashing these mementos now are on me as I tend not to want to be photographed with them. It’s not that I don’t like them in a picture with me. It’s more of being hermit with them, being private. Over time, I get used to her prodding. A and I enthuse for a pose and find ourselves blind for a second with that flash. Sometimes it’s off, sometimes not.

Either beer or coffee, we get this sort of stoked like effect on us. We talk of things that just bombed us with so much happiness and excitement. I guess three’s a company. I reckon we need to be beaten out of that.

The time we spend having coffee or beer lasts for four hours, max. A calls the time first. B and I go deaf for some time to buy more time if we are really on to a conversation. He calls it first because he can. We’re totally fine with it but sometimes not. I’m really happy to write this. He can because he needs to be early the day after. He is the priest. Our excuse of not listening to him until his last call to cap off our night is that he lives at the convent few blocks away while the two us, B and I is a mile away. B lets me crash at hers when we do this.

Playing deaf and calculating how far away are we from our beds is as always our never ending banter once we leave and exit from the coffee shop or bar. It never gets old.

During beer nights, A gets the usual. A bottle for himself. We don’t argue with that but most of the time, yes. The bucket, good five beers stare at us. B and I end up getting 2 of each always. The night will never be the same for the two of us if we keep doing it. I am talking about calorie intake.


Crazy enough, he contends when B and I have enough of our beers then flooding him of mind boggling questions that gets him to want to cap off fast our night. This in turn becomes such a good laugh for B and I. This never gets old too.


Okay. Waiter, bill please. 

Waiter walks back to our table.

Looking at them both, “What?, I got it this time.”





  1. Aww😢 this makes me miss you even more bhe and our “just the three of us” moments. Most of all, our Waiting and walking along magsaysay while waiting for A. Our endless laughs, jokes and all that. Im gonna miss everything bhe, but all of those I know, mauulit pa despite the distance. You’ll come home more often naman bhe dba? 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Remember always bhe three’s a company in us will never be lost. Of course there would be numerous hang outs with us. I can never let time slip if there would be chances of us getting together. Point taken, missing how we roll those nights creeps in me too that’s why it prompted me to write about “just the three of us” so I am immortalizing our memories here. More so, I am looking forward to spending cups of coffee and buckets of beer with you two. Yes, I will try to come home as I can bhe.


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