Day 1: Quarantine

Last July, after three whole months of not seeing my office and work station I was finally given a work schedule. We are on a skeletal work duty. We are divided into two teams to report on site and observe minimum health protocols.

Wear your face masks.

Wear your face shields.

Observe social and physical distancing.

Practice coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching unnecessary surfaces.

It was a surreal feeling. Seeing familiar faces of my colleagues and yet it feels foreign as if it seemed like we were just working a day before.

Smile were painted on our faces but not visible, just our eyes were telling, squinting because masks were covering our faces.

Under the new normal – a tagline I overhear churning from news, social media and even at the office. New processes and procedures are at the helm – for continuity of life and trying to getting back to normal pre-pandemic.

Days feel long and uncertain. While I get back to going outside, a lot has really changed and still changing. Still adjusting. This pandemic has affected many in magnanimous proportions.

The world has stopped. At a point. And regaining mobility will take an army, will take time, will take an overhaul of what things should be prioritized, should be done in anticipation. One cannot simply be prepared. I realized at this time that we can only prepare so much but for the love of life and everything important around us, giving in and cultivating our faith is a start.

What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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