Ever since I was a kid, I have been doodling on my mother’s lesson plan notebook. Comes when I am at my pre-teen, keeping a journal was evident through longing to write on my aunt’s personal planner covered in a textured leather which I find so classic and grand like what I watch in movies where diaries are written, a thousand short stories unfolds. I learned to improvise, scratch papers I have punched holes and bounded with a paper fastener, then my pen danced in delight with my everyday thoughts.


Time created more thoughts and experiences, together with technology I am going to hasten my mind and hands altogether to capture what needs to be imprinted whenever, wherever and whatever.

Thoughts. Nature. People. Family. Friends. Infinite writing.

Seize the day and imprint your own.



    1. Thanks for checking out my space. Compliment appreciated. Inasmuch as capturing those photos, I really push myself to feel and just take it all in. I’ll check your blog too.


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