Weekly Photo Challenge

Ready For A Night Spread

THE SUN HAD JUST SET FOR a few minutes.

I was standing on the pebble covered shore watching this as every change of light’s intensity and color shade is amazing and magical. The ambient lighting just brings me to a subtle mood and would want to never leave its cocoon like embrace.


February, 2014.

There you go.

Me romanticizing again. But it feels good though because I know that that mood is fleeting.

The perspective behind this photo was inspired from the travel blogs I have been reading, some of them I’ve been following from WordPress and Instagram. That day I appreciated traveling and began dreaming of it up until today on reaching more places with people I love to be with is a reflection of the entirety of the travel photos I took.

I may have been stationary temporarily but the dream is still on. As my bestfriend put it, we have a bucketlist going on that is needing some checks on it.


Feel and Let Loose


Someone who can dance?



Nobody wants to dance, I think. As for me I just want to rock out and feel the bass transcend in my nerves. Maybe it will give me goose skin. Maybe it will bring me to somewhere. Whatever that means.

This is a memory of one of the best travels I and my friends have been. The place was serene and beautiful. Most of us agreed to it being tranquil and having this chill vibe downplaying on us. We tend to be selfish when we gather on one place we like. That feeling of just having it for ourselves to explore and commune with even for a short time. That’s how we make memories together.

Inasmuch as I want to rock out to Urbandub’s First of Summer while having our drinks I just can’t. No mobile speakers for me. It’s just up in my head playing together with the sounds around me that night. The breeze. The lapping of small waves. The bass from blaring speakers and muted screams from this party animals. Mobile party that is. Definitely the era of everything mobile is here to stay and I and my friends are too.


We’re living it up
Make this night ours
We own the world
I wish this lasts forever

—Urbandub, First of Summer





I didn’t notice seeing the two of them getting up on those rocks. When I panned my camera back on those rocks, I was surprised to see them both sitting perfectly still there. As if no time.



I say as if no time because it felt like it to me. I don’t know if they are brothers or friends. I really wanted to get near them and join them on those rocks. The late afternoon we arrived at this place together with my cousins, we slowly walk along, minding each of our steps on this same spot to take some photos. Those rocks are slippery and jagged.


True to everyone, I suppose, that we have different views of things around us. Every angle reveals new perspective. Looking and interpreting it on any way is completely beyond us and with that timing is everything. We look, hear, smell and feel time. We favor and like time too. We put to memory the best times we ever had. We wish time for all things we want and we look forward to happening. We hope and make up for time when we feel we have fallen short of it. We create time.


Time is life. It never ceases even long before we die I think. The memory. The thoughts. The words of ours are left within those persons we survived. It is just given that time is different categorically between past, present and future but in all fairness we still share the time no matter how we want to live up or forget about it.



Let’s Have A Drink


As the sun sets behind the mountain ridge, the calm warm water is inviting us to get in and have a swim. Gray fine sand greeted our excitement too. My hands are both full, a beer on the left and a camera on the right.



I DRANK THREE CANS OF BEER in all, from dusk till night-time. That made my night while the rest of them were happily enjoying by the shore. One of our friends has slept on the sand few meters away from our hut and the tents. He dozed off right after our sumptuous chicken adobo dinner. While they were away, I got to lay on the bench and stretched my back. The cool breeze is soothing and inviting to sleep in. However, by the bonfire a group of other local tourists started making a fuss on setting their lanterns. Some of them try lighting and it lit and burned. Fail. So onto the next lantern they’ve learned and it lit up. Slowly it rose to the night sky and danced with the wind.


Morning Sunshine


“I hope you get where you’re going, and be happy when you do.” —On The Road, Jack Kerouac



THE IDEA OF LIVING, SURVIVING AND THRIVING in this lifetime, in our world is crazy at some point. When we try to think hard of it, when we ease our way into it, evidently there will be misses and hits but ultimately it is us still who decides and makes a stand on whatever we want. What we really want for ourselves.

Days are passing and the first month of the new year is almost done, gone. I must say there are days that seem to pass quite fast and there were those that linger long unexpectedly. Wondering thoughts build in my mind to this kind of fleeting moments that is inexplicably good when either we are pressed for time or just buying more time.

When we need and lost time, we turn in ourselves and try to look. We look for what we can make most out of it or what we might have done about it. As we do this, I must say we should all be ready to be accepting, or not.

Being optimistic is part of this acceptance. The reality of missing and hitting at something is always there so the optimism part is valuable. It is that fuel that will power up the engine. It is that turbine that will propel the ship forward. When we choose, when we make decisions the optimism is never far away. That there is hope.


That looking on a brighter side we can get out of the dark.