So What’s Your Story


Wake me up when September ends.


Maybe I was enjoying too much of my slumber last month. I was reading for some inspiration on what to really write here. It is apparent that my participation with the weekly photo challenge have thinned out. I don’t know. Maybe I just got tired looking on my archive of photos that might adhere to the weekly theme. But I still check every week’s theme and read randomly of entries that draws my attention maybe to its title, photo or the blog name itself. I will soon join the bandwagon again. I am checking a lot of photography accounts and websites too. I am willing the time now to keep me inspired always.




I have a couple of links of articles in my Facebook’s Saved page that I have not opened or better yet read. The number of those saved links appear to be less than 5 this past week. But honestly, it gets annoying when Facebook pushes one or two of those links on your Newsfeed to remind you that you have 3 unopened links including the one they tagged on the notification. So I try to open the Saved page for the sake of clearing out the counter and blindsiding Facebook that I have opened those links but not really. I let it stew there just in time when I am ready to reading it.


Reading Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom is still on going. It is my night cap sometimes. It is sitting by the side of my bed below my brother’s study lamp. It’s been like what, almost 4 months now that I am reading this book. Not that it is boring or uninteresting. It is just how I want to enjoy this book. I am already on half of it. So I am close to finishing. Again, I still have more books waiting for me neatly tucked on the shelf that I forgot to dust off last Sunday when I made some tidying up of the living room all the way to the kitchen. I got lazy to saving it from dust when I realized that I completely overlooked that spot, my own spot on that shelf as I was already putting back the washcloth, the mop and the broom.


Every morning since the start of the second week of September I try to sweep the floor and wipe clean our dinner table to get ready for my godson. I agreed to become his tutor while I am still not tied to my future work and he too still studying here before leaving for Vietnam. His mom, my bestfriend turned twin sister offered me this because they really want him to cope up with his schooling and be better. I was up for it soon as they asked me. But I was kind of having the hunch that they might consider me when I visited them after his mom asked me for a favor to help him with his homework and I spent time with him and his baby sister too. I was able to win him and let him finish his lunch while throwing some fit to his nanny. I am fond of him so it was easy for me. I can take it and their son too is comfortable and close to me as well. And it has been a month now that Zak and I are creating memories of him getting better at his study habits and some life lessons I may impart on a whim or when he is lazily caught up with a boring bug. Not a real kind of bug but when he feels bored and not an ounce of energy excites him to continue with our study time. A lot of questions coming from a 5 year old kid just blows my mind on an early time of day. Gladly, I can easily buzz her mom if I need help explaining things. Explaining it to a more simple state or what he can digest. All the while I have been able to pass some of his questions with me answering him, “I don’t know.” I would like to think that when he hears me say that he will not ask of it anymore. But he is smarter than he looks. I am cutting him some slacks because he is just a kid. Being his godfather and being able to spend time with him now, I want him to have that time not thinking of things or sort of. I just want him to know too that I am here to support and help.


So what’s your story? 





Arts and creativity are two of the things that I am proud of myself. At such a young age I am aware of how I appreciate everything that surrounds me. I was always fascinated with so many colors. Blurred visions sometimes would synapse when I am trying to replay in my memory about my childhood. At this time, I am training my brain, my memory to relive and somehow retain at its soft if not vivid images of these moments.

Back to my childhood and my brain and memory and arts and creativity. Underneath all these, inspiration is where it all starts. My mother used to tell me how good I was in drawing. I remembered drawing vegetables and also some hand lettering to be displayed on her classroom boards for her 4th grade students. I started doing it for her when I was, I think, in my 2nd grade. That’s how she is so patronizing with my raw talent. She shares it with her students. I, an inspiration to others in some way as she puts it.


This is my try at doodle art. Doodle art is a trend now especially with the adult coloring books. During my elementary days, this is called a poster. It looks amateur. This is intended for my former online student and this forms the first few pages of the sketchbook I gifted to her before she flew back to Seoul. This is my outtake on time and memory. Our time and memory shared seven years ago was my inspiration in putting together this sort of mini-storybook. It is not bursting with random memories of our online classes but I tried writing my thoughts and adding pieces of advice now that she is a teenager. I have written how I am proud of her and other inspiring words about life in general.

She liked it. I bet she is trying to understand those words. I find that she still struggles in comprehending my long English messages, much it is constructed laced with my personal tone and vocabulary. I believe she’ll get the message eventually, I am confident about her being smart.

These drawings were inspired from her experience, now a memory. First, it was her first time to set foot in the Philippines and we boast our own fast-food chain. A ubiquitous face of a smiling bumblebee mascot hence Jollibee. She said that her teacher M brought them and dined there. The burger champ was her favorite. Second, it was me and her seven years ago. Again, my try at doodling. It was an online video-chat platform that we use to teach them the English language. I decided to toy with the idea of drawing her in that peace sign cutesy pose although she never did it back then. I picture she is smiling or funnily enjoying her childhood memory of me as her first English online teacher upon seeing this. Third, music. I really don’t know any recent information about her, her likes, dislikes. So I thought of music. Music is cool. She likes listening to Maroon 5 and I got her a snippet of my playlist there. It appears blank but I’ve written something there before I gave it to her. Maroon 5’s Sugar obviously is included. Take a closer look of the poster where the playlist is currently “playing”.


I have drawn quite a number of doodle arts in that sketchbook. I am sharing a few because I want to preserve my personal gift to her. When she would have the chance to read this post, I am at peace knowing that she would not be so shocked that I gave away to everyone with her thinking that it was solely made just for her.

Above is my favorite doodle art that I have sketched. This is also included in that sketchbook, which by now could be lying or neatly stashed in a shelf at her study in Korea. What I want for her is to read, to love reading. If not so much, I would want to encourage her to read a real book. With the advent of technology and how quick is its pace in her country maybe reading a real life book made of paper is not common with her generation. All but limited to textbooks at school. We didn’t talk about reading when we had lunch. I just hope she’ll think of that note I wrote in this doodle. A note about reading.

I feel inspired these days, not into more writing, not that I discount writing about my experiences over here but I am more drawn to just living the life I have. The waiting, the desperation mode and the options. All of it would want to eat me. I beg to be swallowed now rather I am doing all with my might to keep things, to keep the going-ons more at my taste, pace and time. Taking the moment in at some degree, yes. Mostly, I am keeping myself afloat of dreams, of future travels, of reading and my growing stash of books, of being alive for my family and friends and of wanting to build my future tree house or beach house.

These are my inspirations, now. Cheerios.


DSC00149Through reading I experience solitude and quietness encircling me. With me relishing and imagining every chapter I begin to realize that it also becomes a moment of self awareness and examination. You pause at certain lines that struck a chord in you. When I become vulnerable and sensitive at some point certain flashes of my life’s scenes are replayed in my mind. It is with reading too that I try to reflect back on matters and decisions I have made recounting failures, detours and success that makes the human in me whole.

A month and a half ago again I pushed myself getting to the big city. I brought with me two bags full of clothes and 2 pairs of shoes. My newly bought 2 books last December were also properly stashed in my backpack plus the third book I have not finished reading yet. I was doubly deciding in bringing it because it has really been a while. I was torn between finishing its last pages as to the two new books waiting, excitedly enticing my eyes and mind to unfold what’s in them. I ended up still bringing it.

As of this moment, I am finished reading it. I started reading one of the new books two weeks ago. I read slow. Relishing every word my mind captures. Imagining the characters in the scenes on how they move, how they converse down to some antics uniquely described by the author. I am not into voracious consumption kind of reading. When I read, I open my soul until it satisfies me. I may not finish the whole book in one sitting but on every chapter that strikes my attention it feeds a part of me. It opens me to a flow of creative ideas and it reconnects my mental self to a deeper understanding of life-like situations and just toughen up.

The Pleasure of Reading To Impress Yourself


But there are pleasures to be had from books beyond being lightly entertained. There is the pleasure of being challenged; the pleasure of feeling one’s range and capacities expanding; the pleasure of entering into an unfamiliar world, and being led into empathy with a consciousness very different from one’s own; the pleasure of knowing what others have already thought it worth knowing, and entering a larger conversation.

-Rebecca Mead, The Pleasure of Reading To Impress Yourself