The rainbow colors brought me back to a memory when I was in high school. I hope that my memory of it serves me well but I am not really into proving how much it happened exactly. I just knew it did happen. I must ask her now if she still remembers saying those words back then.

Puerto Galera, White Beach, Oriental Mindoro. May, 2014.

Puerto Galera, White Beach, Oriental Mindoro. May, 2014.

She is a high school friend of mine. It was I think an English class period. Our teacher then asked if what are our goals in life. I was not really sure seeing her raised her hand. I just heard and saw her frantically saying, “I will make my life colorful!”. The goofiness in her delivery broke the class into a sudden laugh. We were just shocked of her rather vague answer.

How do we make our lives colorful? Life goals. What could be the postings to include in reaching it? I may have to start with love for family, friends and significant other. It will always be something worth in adding colors to our lives. Love then is assimilated to the color red. So that could be one and a lot more to think of.

It was painted on a plywood. The painting was a bit chipping maybe of the salt in the air. It served as a divider between the souvenir shop and this small open restaurant where we ate for lunch. There are no tables and chairs. We dined seated on a furry rug laid on the white sand and a sliced log placed on top of two cinder blocks for legs was our table. It was a simple, al-fresco dining by the beach under the coconut trees. How tropical can we get that?


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