As I sit in front of our reliable desktop computer, in my mind I was trying to form on how will I take this week’s photo challenge. Few hours ago I have already picked the photos from my archive folders while I took a sit-down break from cleaning the kitchen drawers. As I type and compose, I just finished watching a replay of Masterchef USA’s episode and it all dawned on me thinking about the “grid” theme. What about it?


It was a day after the storm. I was standing in our veranda looking at these men, a pair of them was a father and son tandem. I looked like being in a cage because of the chicken wire. It was attached for safety of our household as per request by my mother. Given our house was standing few feet from a rural road so strangers pass by everyday and we don’t know what might happen.

My thinking veered into reconsidering the photos I picked for the challenge. Indeed, I sound challenged but not really. I’m just romanticizing my way of taking this challenge. I’ve never been out and about—yet, since my previous post of temporarily moving away and then finding my way back to my archive folders—with my camera dangling on my neck and shooting at subjects that appeal to me just so I could put on a collection of images I can sift through in the coming challenges.

I’ve been out last week. Quite such a productive week. I helped a mommy friend make a DIY baptismal invitation for her baby. We worked on it for around 2 days but not straight. So to say I was on the grid of creativity last week. In between doing the invitation, I spent one day making my personalized first birthday present for another godson gained from a close mommy friend too. I thought lowly of myself that I wouldn’t be able to do it in just a day but I did. It was a papercut art. I’ve checked Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and some tutorial and added creative flare. It was the craft art I’ve been wanting to make more so of putting myself into a cocoon of inspiration and creativity. The same thing for wanting to try calligraphy and hand lettering too. It’s just like finding a match with these arts.

I am putting my DIY-er and crafty self on the grid, again.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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